Public organization
of all-Ukrainian significance
It is a union of former and current mayors, as well as heads of territorial communities which was developed to address challenges of local self-governance.

Mayors' Club

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«Mayors’ Club» was registered in 2005 and is a non-governmental organization of national importance, established and operating in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

Missions of "Mayors’ Club"

  1. Promoting the development of a legislative nation, building a democratic society, and developing an open and transparent local self-governance within Ukraine;
  2. Assistance in establishing interaction between local government employees and representatives of state authorities, political parties, and public organizations on local and regional development matters;
  3. Facilitating access to international financing institutions for the development of communities and private projects within the communities;
  1. Support the development of small and medium-sized businesses within communities.
  2. Promoting the establishment of international relations, development of international cooperation, and partnerships to resolve challenges of local self-governance;
  3. Strategic planning of economic and infrastructural development of Ukrainian cities and communities;

Our Expert sessions


Інвестиційна привабливість: вирощування міскантусу гігантського для громад

World Trade Center (WTC) Kyiv: презентація та можливості для громад і бізнесів

Засоби підвищення інвестиційної привабливості міст в Україні для західних компаній

Експерт-сесія на тему: “Кластерний розвиток: стан, виклики та можливості”

Відбудова України: передові технології для ефективної взаємодії та документообігу на міжнародному рівні

Експерт-сесія на тему: "Планування території (генплан, детальний план)

Експерт-сесія Клубу Мерів на тему ГРАНТІВ

Експерт-сесія клубу Мерів "Інвестиційні паспорти громади"

Експерт-сесія клубу Мерів "Стратегічне планування розвитку громад"

Експерт сесія клубу мерів на тему "Державно-приватне партенрство"

Експерт-сесія Клубу Мерів

Експерт-сесія Клубу Мерів України за участі Rebuilding Ukraine Agency

Services for members of the "Mayors’ Club"

Ensuring the development and financing of municipal and private projects of cities and communities whose heads are our members
Engaging strategic partners, both international and domestic, to support small and medium-sized businesses in cities or communities, heads of which are our members.
Ensuring direct participation in the strategic development of local self-governance.
Exchange of experience / Training / Mentorship
International trade missions and a number of events including expert sessions, conferences, forums, etc.
Services for the cities, their communities, and administrations.

Current events

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Membership and partnership

Membership in the Club is open to:

  • Current and former mayors of Ukrainian cities
  • Current and former heads of united territorial communities

To become a member of the Club, a candidate must submit an application. The application is reviewed by our committee, and the candidate will be notified of the decision by e-mail.

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Who can become a partner of our Club?

  • Entrepreneurs and various enterprises of Ukraine
  • International companies
  • Investment funds or individual investors
  • Investment funds or individual investors

To become a partner of the Club, a candidate must submit an application. The application is reviewed by our committee, and the candidate will be notified of the decision by e-mail.

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Privileges for partners of the "Mayors’ Club"

You will have a chance to establish partnerships and membership contacts throughout Ukraine.
You will receive invitations to closed events of the Club.
You will be the first to receive information about the planned open events.
Our experts will provide you with all the necessary professional consultations.
We will share information about you and your business in our periodical.

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