Our team

Volodymyr Udovychenko
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Mayor of Slavutych (1990-2015), Representative of Ukraine to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (1994-2015), Head of the Reforms Delivery Office in Kyiv Oblast.
Oleksandr Mazurchak
First Vice President
Mayor of Kamianets-Podilskyi (1997-2007), Deputy, First Deputy Minister of Housing and Municipal Services of Ukraine (2008-2010), First Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration (2010-2013), Head of the Pechersk District State Administration in Kyiv (2013-2014), First Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Ukrainian Cities (2014-2015).
Yuriy Bova
Vice President
Mayor of Trostianets (since 2005), since March 2000 - founder, chairman and honorary president (since 2005) of the public organization "Union of Entrepreneurs of Trostianets Region", Founder of the Trostianets District Charitable Foundation "Dobrota", in February 2019 was elected President of the Association of Open Cities.
Sukhomlin Serhiy Ivanovich
Vice President
Mayor of Zhytomyr (since November 2015), 1st Deputy Mayor of Zhytomyr on the activities of executive bodies of councils (2014-2015), deputy of Zhytomyr City Council (2006-2010), deputy of Zhytomyr Regional Council (2010-2014), commercial director of Vizage LLC.
Yuriy Fomichev
Vice President
Since 2015, the current Mayor of Slavutych in Kyiv region. Was previously CEO of Slavutych Construction Company and served as Secretary of the Slavutych City Council. He has also been a member of the City Council since 2006 and held various positions such as Chairman of the Commission on Municipal Reform.
Volodymyr Shmatko
Vice President
Mayor of Chortkiv since 2015, deputy of the Chortkiv District Council of the V convocation (2006-2010), Bilivske village head (2010-2014), Head of the "Economy and Investments" platform of the All-Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities; member of the Board of the Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine"
Yulia Chufistova
A lawyer with 13 years of experience as an attorney and 18 years of overall legal practice. Specializes in the field of business activity of Ukrainian companies in various areas and directions. Has experience working with government agencies and local self-government bodies, as well as officials of different levels.