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Expert Session of Mayors’ Club: “Investment Passport of a Community”

Expert session with Valentyna Zatyshniak

On February 9th, the Mayors’ Club hosted an expert session on the topic of “Community Investment Passport”. The speaker of this meeting was Valentyna Zatyshniak.

Ms. Valentyna Zatyshniak is the Director of the Dnipro Regional Investment Agency.

15 years of professional experience in local government (Dnipro City Council) development and implementation of various international development projects in Dnipro: sustainable economic development and investment component, development of youth initiatives, branding and marketing of territories; cooperation with international financial institutions and donors.

6 years of practical experience in forming the investment attractiveness of the region and territorial communities, in particular: audit of community resources, formation of investment products “Investment profiles of communities” for the promotion of territories and understanding of their own resources by communities, holding cycles of seminars and meetings on investment preferences and economic development of territorial communities and preparation of development projects, attracting and supporting investment projects, working with key stakeholders and forming a communication platform for regional partners. 

She has worked as an external expert in the projects of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities “Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance (PLEDDG)” and “Local Economic Development of Ukrainian Cities (MLED)”, as well as in Ukrainian-German projects: “Agro-Political Dialogue” and “Development of Social Dialogue in Dnipropetrovs’k Region”.

At the meeting, the speaker spoke in detail about investment processes, the construction, and the contents of an investment passport for communities. The participants expressed their opinions regarding this document and its importance for investors.

We also analyzed investment profiles on the examples of the Slobozhanska territorial community and Mykolaivska rural united territorial communities.

Valentyna Zatyshniak emphasized the importance of monitoring the results of community activities and specific and clear actions to improve the content of the investment passport: “Each community should make a serious audit and have an understanding of where it is moving, what resources it has and what it can offer.”


Benefits of the investment passport include:

– starting information about the city’s presentation, economic development conditions

– experience in how to properly formulate an investment project and how to describe a land plot

– a physical document in case of economic and investment development issues

During the discussion, Volodymyr Udovychenko, former mayor of Slavutych, added his comments: “An investment passport is an investment opportunity. A businessman needs it only to be noticed and come to the community. It is worth focusing on attracting specific investors, and this requires conceptual information about the community. The development of an investment passport requires considerable funds and effort.”

The speaker also gave advice on the formulation of investment passports for communities that have suffered significant damage during warfare.

It should be noted that participation in the event and full access to the materials of the expert sessions and videos are all available only to members of the Mayors’ Club – mayors of cities or communities, as well as their teams.

If you are the head of a city or community but are not yet a member of the Mayors’ Club, please follow the link and register (


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