Mayors’ Club


What is Mayors’ Club Ukraine?

A non-governmental organization established in 2005 with the aim to address local government issues.

Who can become a member of the Mayors’ Club?

An active or former Ukrainian mayor of a city or territorial community who has completed a membership application and received confirmation.

How to become a member of the Mayors' Club?

To become a member of the Club, candidates are required to submit an application through the Club of Mayors website here. The application will be reviewed by our committee, and the candidate will be informed of the decision through a corresponding email.

Subsequently, you will receive an email with further steps.

What are the membership conditions?

Membership is free; club members do not pay any fees.
The club is composed of individuals, not communities as in various associations – specifically, the heads of communities voluntarily join without any approvals.
Membership is indefinite (not dependent on whether the head is currently in office or not).
Additionally, recognizing the personal commitments of the heads, for convenience, we offer the option to involve responsible staff members on behalf of the members to address ongoing and organizational matters, participate in our events when the member’s personal attendance is not feasible.

What is local self-government?

Local self-government is a system of governance at the level of local territories that enables residents to influence the processes taking place on their territory and to resolve issues that directly affect their lives.

What is the mayor's office?

A page on the Mayor’s Club website in Ukrainian and English with information about the mayor, his/her biography, vision, social impact, and achievements.

What does sister cities mean?

Cities from different countries that have signed friendship and cooperation agreements with Ukrainian cities to exchange experience in the fields of economy, culture, education, sports, tourism, municipal management, etc.

What is an expert session?

An expert session is a closed event for members of the Mayors’ Club that takes place every two weeks. Each expert session is devoted to a separate topic relevant to communities, which is covered by a specialist in the relevant field. Currently, they are held online.