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Expert-session of Mayors Club

Dear members and friends of the Mayors Club!

We would like to inform you that tomorrow, November 24 at 15:00 Kyiv time, another expert session of our Club will take place, at which we will introduce you to another strategic partner of the Club, as well as tell you about the possibilities and prospects of cooperation with the Club of Mayors.

Speakers and topics of the expert session:

Henry Shterenberg, founder of EoT Global Inc., investment banker Briggs Capital, member of the advisory board of the Rebuilding Ukraine Agency, honorary president of the World Trade Center Kyiv, entrepreneur and speaker with 25 years of experience.

Topic: “Municipal economic development”.

Questions for coverage:

1) Company Economy of Trust Global Inc – familiarization with activities and ideology.

2) Problems that the company solves and can solve for municipalities.

3) The importance of economic unification of neighboring territorial communities.

4) Financial instruments that may be available to municipalities: funding from partner states of Ukraine; transnational corporations – strategic partners; credit; equity; crowdfunding; grants; angel investors

5) Step-by-step process to achieve economic growth of the community:

– global vision and its importance for attracting funding and investments;

– available resources;

– strengths and weaknesses of the community;

– selection of 3-5 main branches of industry as an industrial base for the next 20 years;

– identification and assignment of specific private or communal lands for each section of the industrial base;

– creation of a municipal BRAND

– selection and development of individual projects for each chosen field.

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