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In the city of Kovel took place an event titled “Economic Union of the Innovative Agrocluster ‘Western Polissia'”

On September 8, 2023, an event titled “Economic Union of the Innovative Agrocluster ‘Western Polissia'” took place in the city of Kovel. The event was attended by the head of the Kovel District Military Administration, the chairman of the Kovel District Council, the heads of municipalities within the innovative agrocluster “Western Polissia,” representatives from the business sector, and the Volyn Trade and Industry Chamber.

The Regional Development Agency of Volyn Oblast and the Club of Mayors, with the support and direct participation of strategic partners Economy of Trust Global Inc (USA) and UMEDA, initiated the implementation of municipality Economic Union programs.


The Club of Mayors is already working on obtaining grants for the first 5 economic unions, with applications submitted by the end of August 2023. A total of 25 economic unions are planned to be established. The event’s speaker was Henry Sternberg, founder of Economy of Trust Global Inc (USA) and president of WTC Kyiv.

Attendees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with presentations from the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Club of Mayors, the Director of the Ukrainian Agency for Municipal Economic Development (UMEDA) about the Club of Mayors’ activities during times of war, plans for Ukraine’s reconstruction and economic recovery, as well as a presentation from Economy of Trust Global Inc. (USA) and discussions regarding the possibilities of economic unions by the founder of Economy of Trust Global Inc. (USA) and the President of WTC Kyiv.

Forum speakers, as well as leaders of successful clusters operating in Ukraine, shared their experiences and provided an analysis of the region’s cluster potential, agro-resource potential, international marketing, and practical aspects of cluster development.

During the event, important aspects of cooperation based on the implementation of European standards within the territory of the agrocluster “Western Polissia” were discussed through the organization of economic unions of municipalities. A municipal cooperation memorandum was signed during the meeting, establishing the “Western Polissia” economic union between 14 participating municipalities.

The purpose of the memorandum is to unite efforts of the parties in developing and implementing joint projects within the innovative agro-cluster “Western Polissia,” fostering cooperation between the parties and their spheres of activity, sharing knowledge and skills for effective collaboration, identifying opportunities, and overcoming obstacles in the activities of municipality within the agro-cluster.

To achieve the purpose and subject of the memorandum, the parties have identified the following areas of cooperation: economics and investment activities, environmental preservation including energy conservation and ecology, housing and communal services and waste management, transportation, water supply and drainage, social infrastructure, social protection, support and development of entrepreneurship and local businesses, organization and implementation of joint events (seminars, conferences, competitions, etc.), attracting partner and donor organizations for the memorandum’s implementation, joint involvement in the development and implementation of coordinated international aid projects.

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