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Mayors’ Club co-organized the World Tour “Revival of the Nation” to promote projects from Ukrainian businesses, startups, and communities internationally to attract investors and partners.


On May 11, the traditional Expert Session for the members of the Mayors’ Club was held. The speakers were representatives of the international association World Trade Center Kyiv, which is a partner of the Mayors’ Club.

Olena Andronova, Vice President of WTC Kyiv, spoke in general about the World Trade Center Association, of which WTC Kyiv is a member. Today, this platform covers 92 countries, with offices in 320 cities on all continents, and provides its members with access to all its resources.

Currently, WTC Kyiv is actively working on organizing a world tour that will cover 32 cities.

The main goal of these private events will be to attract investment, scale business in the international market, enter new markets, and establish international business partnerships.

The nearest 3 conferences are scheduled for June and will be held in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Participation is free of charge for the communities-members of the Mayors’ Club.

Communities wishing to participate in the tour should fill out an application form.

Businesses from member communities will receive a 25% discount. Projects for the presentations are being actively prepared and selected, and preference will be given to projects from the member communities of Mayors’ Club. Businesses wishing to participate in the tour should register on the organizers’ website.



After that, Henry Sterenberg, President of WTC Kyiv, spoke in more detail about what is planned for the tour. For example, that this is a closed event by invitation only and only those who are serious about doing business in Ukraine and creating new jobs will be able to attend.

As always, this informative Expert Session ended with a Q&A session, during which community representatives had an opportunity to clarify any details they were interested in about the tour.

We remind you that participation in the event and full access to the materials of the expert sessions and videos, as well as exclusive terms of cooperation with the Mayors’ Club partners, are available only to Mayors’ Club members – mayors of cities and communities and their teams.

If you are a mayor of a city or community, but are not yet a member of the Mayors’ Club, please follow the link and register

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