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In a bid to enhance urban development and restoration in Ukraine, the Mayors’ Club Ukraine has joined forces with the Alliance of European Mayors by signing a Memorandum of Partnership. This significant collaboration aims to consolidate the efforts of both organizations to create favorable conditions for the growth and revitalization of Ukrainian cities and communities.

Yuliya Chufistova, CEO of Mayors’ Club Ukraine, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “The partnership between our organizations for us is a bridge between the leaders of cities and communities, which gives direct access to the exchange of experience between them, as well as the opportunity to connect the businesses of cities for mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships in order to develop the economy from the bottom up.”

Svetlana Tesić, Co-Founder and Public Affairs Director at the Alliance of European Mayors, also emphasized the importance of collaboration, saying, “Local government has always been a backbone of society and a driving force for progress. In order to restore and rebuild empowered communities and municipalities of Ukraine, we will join our efforts together with our Ukrainian colleagues in order to become a platform for two-way cooperation between cities in Ukraine and the rest of Europe.”

The Memorandum outlines the primary objectives of this partnership, focusing on cooperation with domestic and international financial partners, increasing transparency, and combating corruption. Additionally, the collaboration aims to attract strategic expert industry partners to implement various urban development projects across cities and communities in Ukraine.

As part of the agreement, the Mayors’ Club Ukraine and the Alliance of European Mayors will also engage in information exchange, fostering contacts, and providing mutual assistance in finding suitable partners for their respective projects. Although the Memorandum is not legally binding, it symbolizes a crucial step in enhancing cooperation between Ukrainian and European mayors.

The Mayors’ Club Ukraine is a non-governmental organization committed to promoting best practices in urban governance, fostering collaboration among Ukrainian mayors, and supporting the development of cities and communities. Through its activities, the NGO strives to create a network of innovative and forward-thinking urban leaders dedicated to the sustainable development of their municipalities.

On the other hand, the Alliance of European Mayors is international non-profit, Brussels-based Association for European Mayors, whose platform Mayors of Europe helps leaders of European cities to succeed in creating resilient and progressive urban habitats for all their citizens by monitoring, comparing and promoting best practices, positive examples of successfully implemented local policies, and contributing to the development of effective policies and strategies to address pressing urban issues.

The Memorandum of Partnership between the Mayors’ Club Ukraine and the Alliance of European Mayors marks the beginning of a promising alliance. By working together, both organizations will be better positioned to create a lasting impact on urban development in Ukraine, ultimately benefiting the residents of the cities and communities they serve.

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