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Offline meeting of the Mayors’ Club

Finally, the offline meeting of the Mayors’ Club took place.
About 550 heads of municipalities already belong to the club.

The composition of the presidium was updated, the board was elected, and the investment council was created.

The Mayors’ Club will work on attracting investments, sister cities from different parts of the world, and finding donors for aid and reconstruction. BMN’s digital products aim to help mayors

A new program of economic unions – a joint position of municipalities on economic development at the local and national level – was also announced.

Ukrainian businesses have the opportunity to become patrons of communities and move together with the goal of economic growth

An important direction is the dissemination of information about opportunities for cooperation with Ukrainian business and community projects around the world, that is why the Mayors’ Club is a co-organizer of the international tour “Rebirth of the Nation”

Ukrainian and international companies Nerex Danfoss Bruce also shared their many years of experience for the reconstruction of Ukraine with the mayors


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