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On June 15th, an online event titled “Rebuilding Ukraine Green” brought together mayors, urban leaders, and international experts, marking the beginning of a promising alliance between the Alliance of European Mayors and Mayors’ Club Ukraine. The partnership, built on a recently signed Memorandum of Agreement, aims to provide Ukrainian cities with the support they need to rebuild and revitalize after the war, focusing on sustainable and resilient development​​.

Inspired by the needs of Ukrainian cities and informed by the German Marshall Fund’s (GMF) “Marshall Plan for Ukraine,” the event served as a platform for a dynamic exchange of ideas and initiatives. Hannah Abdullah, a senior program officer at GMF Cities, emphasized the necessity of a “Green” Marshall Plan for Ukraine, which would provide financial, technical, and policy assistance for sustainable rebuilding. Abdullah, an expert on urban climate action and sustainable development, underscored the importance of focusing on the most damaged sectors, including housing, energy, and urban transport​​.

Henry Shterenberg from the World Trade Center Kyiv echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the critical role of the industrial sector in Ukraine’s future. Shterenberg presented the concept of a bioeconomy built on biomass production and economic unions, highlighting the unique opportunity that Ukraine’s current situation offers for the implementation of SMART technologies. He envisioned Ukraine becoming a world leader in applied smart technologies within five years, contributing to an improved quality of life for all citizens.

This vision was further expanded upon by the presentation of the “Rebirth of a Nation” investment roadshow, which showcased the potential of Ukrainian cities as second-to-none investment destinations. It was a reminder of the immense opportunities awaiting businesses and investors who are ready to be part of Ukraine’s green transformation journey.

Krista Kampus, Head of the EU and International Relations in the City of Tallinn and Executive Director of the European Green Capital 2023, shared the city’s impressive green initiatives, from CO2 emission reductions to the use of self-driving cars and delivery robots. Kampus revealed that Tallinn is organizing a consortium for Ukrainian rebuilding and has opened avenues for cooperation.

The event also benefited from the insights of Anna König Jerlmyr, former Mayor of Stockholm, a city recognized as the world’s most sustainable city in 2022. Jerlmyr highlighted the importance of focusing on impactful sustainability measures, such as the circular use of construction materials and the transformation of urban transport to make cities more walkable and bikeable.

Ukrainian mayors shared their gratitude and determination to rebuild their cities better than before. Mayor of Sumy, Mr. Oleksandr Lysenko, and Mayor of Slavutich, Mr. Yuriy Fomichev, detailed their initiatives on energy efficiency, modernizing city infrastructure, and creating green jobs. The city of Khmelnytskyi announced its Green City Action Plan, which aims to improve air and water quality, modernize city transport, and enhance energy security.

The Mayors’ Club Ukraine, a non-governmental organization registered in 2005, is dedicated to promoting best practices in urban governance, fostering collaboration among Ukrainian mayors, and supporting the development of cities and communities. The Alliance of European Mayors, a Brussels-based international non-profit, aids leaders of European cities in creating resilient and progressive urban habitats. Together, they are committed to creating more opportunities for Ukrainian cities, symbolizing a significant step towards Ukraine’s sustainable future​.

At the online event, the Mayors’ Club was represented by the organisation’s CEO Yuliya Chufistova, while the Alliance of European Mayors was represented by Co-Founder and Public Affairs Director Svetlana Tesić.

Irpin Reconstruction Summit was recognized as the best local project for city reconstruction during the Milan Triennale, according to the Club of Mayors’ position