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The platform for document management “Ukrbud – Autodesk” from the construction period.

Informative and concise. That was the Expert Session of the Mary Club on March 30th on the topic “Rebuilding Ukraine: Advanced technologies for effective interaction and document flow at the international level” (opportunities of the “Ukrbud – Autodesk” platform).

The speaker at the Expert Session of the Mayors Club on March 30 on the topic “Rebuilding Ukraine: Advanced Technologies for Effective International Interaction and Document Flow” was Volodymyr Illitch Levin – an entrepreneur, public figure, sports official, President of the State Building Corporation “UKRBUD” and the All-Ukrainian Assistance Fund for FC NGO “Desna” in 2019-2023, a PhD student at the State Educational and Scientific Institution “Academy of Financial Management” under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, a candidate of economic sciences, and has a number of scientific publications in periodic and professional scientific publications. He is a co-author of the book “Development of the Tax System of Ukraine: Transformation of the Simplified Taxation System”.




The goal of the project is to quickly rebuild infrastructure. The platform itself is a source of data on destroyed objects and the stages of their reconstruction, and contains all the necessary graphic documentation for architects, designers, and builders.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister for the Restoration of Ukraine and the Development of Communities, more than 400 billion dollars are needed for reconstruction after the invasion.

Despite the difficult conditions, developers continue to work at the forefront of construction, using the most modern technologies and materials to ensure the quality and safety of the built objects. However, to ensure even greater efficiency and quality of work, developers need support and assistance in attracting donor aid and investment.

Clearly, the present moment is the best time to start attracting investment for the reconstruction of Ukraine. If we can attract the necessary 2-10% of the total investment volume for the first stages of construction and design work, this will allow us to develop projects and start implementing them (World Bank recommendations).

Local communities need to address the issue of involving local developers in the reconstruction program as an important component of successful project implementation. This will not only help to ensure the efficiency of work and the preservation of jobs, but also contribute to the development of local communities and support of the economy as a whole. Therefore, local developers should become a key partner in post-crisis reconstruction programs in Ukraine.

The “Ukrbud – Autodesk” platform is a mechanism and strategy for local communities and ensuring the employment of local developers.



When choosing software and a platform for 3D modeling, design, and creating digital content, we approached the decision with great responsibility. Technical documentation mismatches can hinder cooperation with European partners. Therefore, for the construction of a digital ecosystem in the construction industry, AUTODESK was chosen as the base program. It is convenient, functional, secure, and has an intuitive interface. The platform has all the necessary capabilities and tools that can speed up and facilitate the exchange of necessary information between project participants within the country and abroad.

The speaker also highlighted the topics of attracting international investors and tenders, which are closely related to the practical side of project implementation in construction and any other community projects.

State Building Corporation “UKRBUD” has a team of experts and knows how to prepare everything necessary for a successful project launch, including the description and passing of all necessary documentation. For members of the Mayor’s Club, this team is ready to individually and free of charge consider ways to implement projects.

Please note that participation in the event and full access to expert sessions and video recordings is only available to members of the Mayor’s Club – heads of cities and communities, as well as their teams.

If you are a mayor or community leader but are not yet a member of the Mayor’s Club, please follow the link and register.

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Expert session of Mayors’ Club: Strategic development (Strategies, Plans and their Execution)