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We invite you to join the concept of uniting communities to implement large-scale projects and the NESA project from EoT Global Inc. (USA) company.

Our strategic partner, EoT Global Inc. (USA), presented the concepts of Smart City 4.0 and NESA projects at the expert session of the Mayors Club on March 16th. The purpose of these presentations was to showcase specific projects that can be scaled in Ukraine and that international partners and investors can already plan to invest in. The Smart City 4.0 project is one of the directions for the development of cities, which is based on the use of modern technologies and data analysis to improve the quality of life for residents and optimize the city’s infrastructure.


Henry Sternberg, a member of the Mayors Club Advisory Board, founder of EoT Global Inc. (USA) and President of WTC Kyiv, emphasizes the need for communities to unite and form economic alliances to plan and implement large and important projects for their respective regions. Such large-scale projects are attractive to large foreign investors. This is the approach that the Mayors Club currently offers its members to initiate similar projects. If your community is interested in collaborating in this direction, please fill out a simple questionnaire.


The CEO of the NESA project – New Era Sports & Academics, Igor Plokhoi, presented a project that EoT Global Inc. (USA) is also working on and is offering to our members for scaling in Ukraine. The project aims to change the approach to sports and academic education for youth in Ukraine. The plan is to build new complexes to replace the old Soviet-era complexes that have been damaged, in order to reduce costs per child to zero. This will allow every child in the community to visit the complex for free. In addition, the project will integrate digital technologies. It is planned to create a network of such sports-educational institutions in Ukraine, ranging from 20 to 70. The Mayors Club and EoT Global Inc. (USA) are offering all communities interested in implementing such a project to fill out a simple questionnaire.

In this way, we are collecting information about interested communities with which we will work on details and financing.

You can familiarize yourself with the NESA project presentation by following the link.

The video presentation of the projects can be viewed by following the link.

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